my summer holiday英语作文

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诗词文档世界收录“my summer holiday英语作文”,原文标题my summer holiday英语作文,正文部分内容mysummerholiday英语作文在日常学习、工作和生活中,大家都写过作文吧,作文是通过文字来表达一个主题意义的记叙方法。作文的注意事项有许多,你确定会写吗?以…下面随小编一起来看下“my summer holiday英语作文”吧。

my summer holiday英语作文

在日常学习、工作和生活中,大家都写过作文吧,作文是通过文字来表达一个主题意义的记叙方法。作文的注意事项有许多,你确定会写吗?以下是小编为大家整理的my summer holiday英语作文,仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。

Times flys. My summer holiday is coming to theend. My holiday is just so so. It is not too much difference as before. At thebiginning of the vacation, I was doing my homework.


After all, study comesfirst. After I finished my homework, it was almost the end of July. It is thetime for me to help my family for harvest. It is so tired to to the farm work. Howevr,being a member of our family, I have to give a hand. Watching the achievement, Ifelt proud though I just help a little. After finished the farm work, I foundmyself become much more tan. Who cares!


It was my happy time, when I finishedall the things. I went out with my friends almost everyday. Sometimes we playedgames or sport or went hiking. Sometimes we went shopping in the evening forthe sun is too heavy in the daytime. We felt uncomfortable. But now there aretwo days left before the school opening time. So I have to stay at home for agood rest to store energy for my study. Everything is so perfect. It is 11 o’clock.I think I have to say good ninght now.